Tours for people who don’t like groups

We want to kill the myth that if you want to experience some of what a country has to offer with a guide that you have to do this in a group! We have never been ones for a package holiday or for staying inside our hotel. Before each of our trips we research what a country has to offer and make sure that we plan time to get out an experience it. With more and more people moving towards being a traveller, rather than a tourist we want to tell you that you can do this on your own terms. Time and again we meet people who think that the only way to do this is on a bus with lots of other people!! And, that a private tour is overly extravagant and expensive!! So, if you opt for the group tour you are have to follow exactly what [...]

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How to plan the perfect honeymoon

How to plan the perfect honeymoon  After sharing your big day with friends and family, your honeymoon is the time for you as a couple to build holiday memories that will last a life time. Ensure that these memories are great ones, by considering a few key things when planning your trip. So, if you’d like a few ideas then check out our blog below. The honeymoon dilemma! There are two schools of thought when it comes to how you should choose your destination. Go with the tried and tested, trust your instincts keep with what you know. A honeymoon may not be the time for you to try new things. A touch of extra luxury never harms though. Consider, whether trying something completely new for your honeymoon is the right choice for you. Or trying something new and more [...]

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How we can help you build the perfect holiday

A New Year and a New us We would like to introduce The Travel Design Company and how we can help you build the perfect holiday. Specialists in designing luxury, bespoke and boutique travel in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and South-East Asia, we are a small, but perfectly formed family run business with a personal love of travel. Never people to spend all of our holiday time inside our hotel, we love to get out and about and see the sights and experience the countries we are in. As a result, we have experienced that traditional package or tour holidays have often failed to tick all the boxes for us. We know that we are not alone in that. We’ve learnt a lot along the way about what goes into planning the perfect trip. If you get talking to us we [...]

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